WordFence – Semalt Review

Safety and security are two main issues in the WordPress sphere. It's safe to say that the content management system has it's dedicated and experienced security team that ensures WordPress' safety to some extent. That's why a lot of bloggers and webmasters choose WordPress as the primary content management system. As a consequence, there are some security plugins too that can be installed in your WordPress and are easy to use. According to Michael Brown, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, WordFense is the most famous and widely used WordPress plugin.

Setting Up and Installing the Wordfence Security Plugin

The first step is to download this plugin and test it. You can then install WordFense just like any other WordPress or blogger plugin. Go to the Plugins section and add a new plugin. Don't forget to name it as Wordfense and click on the Install Now button. Once fully installed, you should activate the plugin to enjoy all of its features and characteristics. After you have enabled it, this plugin will ask you to provide the email address for the security alerts. During this process, you would have the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter of Wordfence. Then you can begin the tour around this plugin by clicking on the Tour button. That will let you know everything about the Wordfence plugin.

How to Use the WordFence

In the Wordfence dashboard, you can receive notifications about its latest versions and articles from the Wordfence blog. Here, you can regularly check the status of the security system, block the malware and viruses, prevent login attempts, and eliminate suspicious IP addresses. This is where you can easily estimate the threat level and can evaluate whether you should take additional measures or not.

Tools of Wordfence

Wordfence offers a variety of tools to get benefited from. Though the plugin checks the quality of password of your website automatically, you can adjust its settings to maximize your safety and security. One of its options helps to come up with strong passwords and accesses the location of your website. It also improves the bounce rate of your website and tells you which areas need improving.

Another tool is the WHOIS tool. Using it, you can check the location of your hosting company and access your site from any place. The third tool is the premium option known as Cellphone Sign-in. Once you enable it, this tool will add two-factor authentication to your web pages and can improve the user experience to a great extent. Finally, it has a Diagnostics tab, which provides you with useful information about the server system, database, and WordPress setup.

Wordfence – User Friendliness

With its extensive feature lists, Wordfence has become the best WordPress plugin to date. If you need some level of security from the hackers and spammers, this plugin can fulfill your dreams and provides maximum security to its users. The developers of Wordfence have done a superb job by giving us lots of specifications in one package. This plugin contains lots of helpful blurbs and links to the useful resources that explain why it's the best and most handy plugin of the era.

If you have not used Wordfence before, you should give it a try and enjoy the maximum safety of your site on the internet.